What is unmetered and the yellow dot?

The term unmetered means that you will not be charged data to browse the page (except when accessing via WiFi). Unmetered is only available when you are using an Optus Mobile Network connection. If you are connecting via WiFi this will be counted towards your broadband data allowance. In addition access to the sites through devices other than your mobile using your mobile’s ‘WiFi Hotspot’ or data tethering settings will count towards your data usage and will be charged separately.

You will see at the top of the page the word unmetered (except when accessing via WiFi) to indicate if the page has no data charges.  We have put a yellow dot on the icons that link to an unmetered (except when accessing via WiFi) site.

All  the homepage tabs on Optus Zoo (including; Home, Explore, Music, Games) are unmetered (except when accessing via WiFi). This means you can check out what is available on the tabs without being charged. Look out for icons that have a yellow dot on the icon, this means that the site that this links to is unmetered (except when accessing via WiFi).

Optus Webmail: Optus Webmail is not unmetered - standard data charges apply

More pricing details are at pricing page. Charges may apply when you navigate away from these sites and for purchasing or downloading content.