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Margot Robbie's Pan Am health scare

Margot Robbie's Pan Am health scare

Mon June 25, 2012 2:02pm

The former actress revealed that she had to be taken to hospital by her flatmate Christina Ricci during her stay in New York City while filming Pan Am.

Actress Margot Robbie has revealed her former Pan Am co-star Christina Ricci had to rush her to hospital while they were filming in New York earlier this year. Margot told TV Week she was suffering a severe migraine and eventually had to ask Christina, her flatmate at the time, for medical help. "I had a particularly bad migraine attack of seven hours of screaming in agony, and the medication wasn't working, so I came into Christina's room and I was sobbing and asking [her] to take me to a hospital," Margot, who turns 22 this week, explained. The ordeal didn't end there, though, with Margot describing the hospital she was taken to as "horrendous". "It was 3am and we're in the worst part of Brooklyn," she says. "I'm lying on this gurney, and there's someone OD-ing on one side of me and someone stabbed on the other side and there was blood everywhere. It was like being in a horror movie, it was that bad. "We finally called production after hours waiting, and they had to call someone to come and get us. So that was a real New York experience!" Although Margot's stint in the Big Apple appearing in Pan Am has now ended, with the aviation drama cancelled after one season, her star is on the rise. The former Neighbours actress is reportedly in final talks for a role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in film The Wolf Of Wall Street. [Courtesy of TV WEEK]