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Optus Zoo General Terms

Content may be suspended, changed or terminated without notice. Optus will endeavour to provide current, accurate information but makes no guarantee regarding the timely delivery, currency, or accuracy of any information provided to you as part of the Optus Zoo service. Additional charges may apply to access content and services within Optus Zoo and you may need a compatible handset. Optus is not responsible for third party content. Additional charges may apply to access and subscribe to third party content.

Content is tailored for viewing on Optus 3G/Dual band handsets and may not include all content and features on internet websites. 3G refers to our 2100 MHz network. Optus 3G handsets can provide access to 3G services only in the Optus 3G coverage area. Dual band refers to our 2100/900 MHz network. Optus dual band handsets can provide access to 3G services in the Optus dual band coverage area. Outside of these areas, service will fall back to our Optus GSM/GPRS network. Video content is only available within 3G or 4G coverage areas with a 3G or 4G compatible handset and SIM or dual band coverage areas with a dual band compatible handset and SIM. See optus.com.au/coverage from your PC for more details.

Optus Webmail: Standard data charges apply to Optus Webmail

Full terms and conditions for Optus Zoo sites and products may be found at www.optus.com.au/standardagreements.