Mum hears dead son's heart beat

Mum hears dead son's heart beat

Mon August 20, 2012 12:57pm

A MOTHER has her prayers answered and hears the heart beat of her dead teenage son after being contacted by a man who received his donor organs.

Caleb Beaver, 16, died in Lyman, Harrison County, Mississippi, on Christmas Day last year after suffering two strokes because of a congenital circulatory malformation.

The high school sophomore's organs were donated by his parents and received by a psychiatrist Dr Charles Shelton, of Kentucky.

This month, Dr Shelton wrote to Caleb's mother April Beaver, asking her if he could visit her to thank her in person.

They met him at Gulfport Biloxi International Airport, in Gulfport, Mississippi, today. In an emotional meeting, they both pulled out stethoscopes and Ms Beaver listened to her son's heartbeat in Mr Shelton’s body.

"That's Caleb … yes that's Caleb, it's very strong." Ms Beaver said through tears.

Dr Shelton said he was extremely grateful to the Beaver family,

"It's a miracle, it's amazing and I'm back, I'm even better than I had been three or four years ago," he said.

"It's a gift and it's just indescribable".

Ms Beaver prayed to hear from her son again but did not expect to hear from the person who received his organs.

"I was talking to God and crying out and I asked God to let me have a dream or something. I wanted to feel close to Caleb's heart. I wanted to hear his heart beat," she said.

Dr Shelton and Ms Beaver will hold a public ceremony to remember and honour Caleb and raise awareness for organ donation.

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