Cuffed suicide, or police brutality?

Cuffed suicide, or police brutality?

Sat August 18, 2012 1:36pm

Meanwhile, the other officer searches the driver and remaining passenger, who then stand in front of the first patrol car. The officer who searched Carter asked them where the rest of the marijuana was because he found some on Carter.

The driver and other passenger are handcuffed and led out of the frame, too.

Eventually, they appear without handcuffs and the officers let them leave.

They keep Carter, who had an arrest warrant out of Mississippi. Court records show it had to do with a drug-related case.

The video ends after the truck drives away and the officers talk about leaving.

"See ya later," one of the officers says. It sounds like he opens the car door and then the audio cuts out. The blue lights of the police car continue to flash for several seconds, lighting a nearby bush.

Carter was shot in the head, though police have refused to say where.

Police said in a statement that they're still waiting on a complete autopsy report, forensics and toxicology results from the state crime lab.


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