The Rayney trial - week four, day two

The Rayney trial - week four, day two

Wed August 8, 2012 12:55pm

The murder trial of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney continues, following explosive allegations by a lawyer of police harrassment and claims Mr Rayney said he "hated" his wife and alleged victim, Corryn Rayney.

Five years have passed since the day Corryn Rayney vanished after a bootscooting lesson in Bentley, her body found about a week later in a Kings Park bush grave.

This week the trial of Mrs Rayney's husband and alleged killer, Lloyd Rayney, continues.

In an explosive start to the week, Mr Rayney's former colleague lawyer Clare O'Brien said Mr Rayney told her he "hated" his wife in the month before she vanished.

Ms O'Brien also alleged sinister threats to her were made by WA's top police officers in a bid to extract a statement regarding Mrs Rayney's death.

3.15pm: Before Lloyd Rayney was named by police as the "prime and only" suspect in his wife's alleged murder, officers involved in the investigation were given an "extensive briefing".

Detective Sergeant Carl Casilli told the court on September 20, 2007 - which was also the day Mr Rayney was charged with telecommunications offences - said he was involved in a "pretext conversation" with Tim Pearson.

Mr Pearson allegedly provided Mr Rayney with the means to intercept his wife's phone calls.

It was also revealed police had sought to access the MySpace social networking page of the eldest Rayney child, Caitlyn, but the plan was abandoned.

2.45pm: Notes taken by Detective Sergeant Carl Casilli at a post-mortem of Corryn Rayney's body included a reference to "nuts in hair".

However, there was no time listed as to when the "nuts" - two liquidambar seed pods - were found.

The police officer said the seed pods would have been found on August 17, 2007.

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