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Crown bouncers' slur claim in 'shut-down' death case

Tue June 26, 2012 2:19pm

A friend of Anthony Dunning - the man who died after a confrontation with Crown Casino security guards - said today she had been called "a slut and a whore" when pinned face down on the gaming floor.

Olivia Ferguson told the Melbourne Magistrates Court her experience with the bouncers had been "horrific".

"They shouldn't have treated us like that," Ms Ferguson said.

"I'm not used to being spoken to like that."

Ms Ferguson had been at the casino with her partner, Matthew Anderson, and their friend, Mr Dunning, on Sunday night, July 3 last year after a day at the football.

Prosecutor Andrew Tinney, SC, has told the court Ms Ferguson slapped Crown security guard Quoc Tran because she heard him say something insulting about Mr Dunning. She cannot remember what he allegedly said.

Ms Ferguson and Mr Anderson had been following behind Mr Dunning as he was being escorted out of the casino for being drunk.

Mr Tinney said Tran grabbed her around the neck and slung her violently to the floor.

Ms Ferguson denied in court today that she had called Tran "a f---ing c---" or had abused any of the other security guards.

She admitted Mr Dunning had been leaving the casino before she slapped Tran, escalating the situation.

Ms Ferguson described Tran as "trying to be a ringleader, revving them all up".

Mr Anderson was then allegedly grabbed by two other security guards, Jacques Fucile and Nicholas Levchenko, and thrown to the ground. He suffered a broken nose and injured left arm and is now planning to sue the casino.

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