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We could have divorced - Sam Stynes

We could have divorced - Sam Stynes

Mon August 20, 2012 7:42pm

SAM Stynes has told how her husband's illness brought them closer together as a couple.

"We joked that if Jim didn't get sick we could've ended up divorced,'' Stynes told A Current Affair tonight.

"It was definitely a possibility, however I think that what always kept us together and that's why I married Jim, as well as loving him it comes back to Jim's Catholic religion.

"Once he commits to something he sticks it out, and when times were tough he was like `we'll just keep working at it, we'll stick it out', and that's what we did.''

Jim Stynes - passing of a legend

Stynes said she and Jim were constantly challenging each other.

"It saddens me that it took something like cancer for us to just work through that,'' she said.

"Two, three weeks before Jim died we sat in our lounge room laughing about how ridiculous it is because finally our love just flowed, but it took such an event for that to happen...and I wouldn't change it. It was beautiful, there was so much beauty in that time where we just calmed as a couple.''

She told A Current Affair Jim's drive and determination could sometimes be misinterpreted as selfishness.

"Jim's closest friends, all in good humour, would say that Jim was a selfish prick but... it was selfishness that you have to have to go out into the community and do what he did,'' she said.

"He was a phenomenal man and I don't think he was put on this earth to just not do much with his life. He was here to work with youth in the community and do good things.

Stynes said she and her children were slowly adjusting to life without Jim, who lost his epic battle with cancer in March.

His autobiography Jim Stynes - My Journey has just been released.

"Look the kids are good. I mean they miss their dad and I think they feel quite exposed not having a dad, just having a mum now,'' she said.






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