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The reasons behind Lloyd Rayney's bail

The reasons behind Lloyd Rayney's bail

Mon July 16, 2012 8:40pm

THE murder case against Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney has been described as "wholly circumstantial" by the judge who granted him bail.

Justice Robert Anderson has revealed his reasoning behind the December 22 decision, which saw Mr Rayney walk from the Supreme Court in December with his children Sarah, 16 and Caitlyn, 13.

The two daughters of Mr Rayney were a major reason Justice Anderson had granted bail, with the accused murderer the sole carer and provider of the two children since his wife was killed.

"I have read an affidavit sworn by (Sarah), from which I believe (Mr Rayney) has a close and supportive relationship with his daughters and is attentive to their careful upbringing and that they in turn are heavily dependent on him and his presence in the home," he said.

"For more than three years the children have had to live with the unsolved murder of their mother and the fact that their father, with whom they were living, was publicly known to be the prime and only suspect and the only person under investigation.

"It has been a widely publicised, if not sensational, ongoing investigation and I consider that the strain and insecurity which this must surely have caused these two young people over such a long time makes it appropriate to have a special regard for how their welfare may best be served until... the trial.

"I consider that the welfare of the children will be best served if the family unit is kept together... clearly this is what the girls want. Together with the likelihood of a long delay before the applicant is able to be tried, this is an exceptional reason why (Mr Rayney) should not be kept in custody."

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