Wrong-way truck driver causes chaos

Wrong-way truck driver causes chaos

Sat August 11, 2012 5:03pm

DRUNKEN truck driver causes chaos by speeding the wrong way down a British motorway before being halted by a roadblock.

Hungarian haulier Pal Korbely, 50,  downed home-made plum brandy before setting off in his long-haul truck, the Daily Mail reports.

Dozens of terrified drivers, including one driving a petrol tanker, were forced to swerve to avoid the truck as it sped towards oncoming traffic for a staggering 16 kilometres near Birmingham on July 8.

CCTV footage shows  the heroic drivers who brought Korbely to a halt after they saw his oncoming truck and instinctively blocked him with each one getting into a different lane.

A British judge has since commended the brave truckies - two of whom have been named as Christian Wilenski and Simon Cotton.

Police were alerted to Korbely's dangerous driving by panicked motorists, the Daily Mail reports.

Motorist Collette Henry, 23, told the Daily Mail after the incident: ``I could not believe what I was seeing. The juggernaut was just coming towards me and did not have any lights on.

"I moved lanes and then pulled up to call the police. It is just something you do not expect to see.'

Korbely, who told police he had no recollection of driving his vehicle,   was jailed yesterday for  eight months after admitting dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Speaking after the hearing  at Birmingham Crown Court, Sergeant Robin Barker told the Daily Mail  it was a "miracle'' Korbely did not kill someone.






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