Town offers $1 blocks of land

Town offers $1 blocks of land

Mon October 8, 2012 8:40am

A BLOCK of land for a dollar? That's all you'll have to pay to live in one outback town which is desperate for more residents.

Richmond Shire Council also wants to give rate rebates to companies which set up in the town, and scrap a range of regulations, going by the motto that "unless someone complains, we're happy", The Townsville Bulletin reports.

Richmond has tried the $1 land deal before.

In 2008, the town of 700, about 500km west of Townsville, put up 10  blocks of land for a land grab.

At the time, Richmond Shire Council chief executive officer Michelle Clarke said it was hoped the move would benefit the town by addressing a local skills shortage.

Richmond's main drag. The town of 700 is hoping a $1 land deal will attract more residents. File image.

"We've decided that we want to help people out for $1 in the hope that in return they will build a home and move to Richmond and maybe offer some skills in the town," she said.

Seven of the blocks sold.

In 2001, Wambo Shire Council offered 48 blocks of land in Jandowae, 260km west of Brisbane, for $1 each.

The town of about 1000 was experiencing a lull  people were leaving the area, their houses were unoccupied and shops were closing.

After the sale, the population rose and business picked up. By 2005, the council declared the stunt a huge success.







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