Tom and Katie split: Holmes 'to lose millions'

Tom and Katie split: Holmes 'to lose millions'

Sun July 1, 2012 8:41am

THE couple's pre-nuptial agreement details exactly how much Katie Holmes stands to receive after six years of marriage.

The details? For each year the couple stay married, the Dawson's Creek actress collects $3 million - to a maximum of $33 million after 11 years - as well as their palatial home in California.

Then, if their marriage had lasted more than 11 years, Holmes would have received half of Cruise's reportedly $250 million fortune.

After filing for divorce less than six years later, according to the agreement, Holmes should only be entitled to $15 million as well as the couple's $35 million Beverly Hills mansion. But with an estate worth upwards of $275 million, Holmes is expected to seek more and there is already speculation as to how much she will collect when the papers are signed.

Sources say the 33-year-old is asking for a "suitable amount" of child support, as well as a division of property, though no mention was made of the prenuptial agreement in divorce papers.

After Holmes' lawyer announced her client was filing for divorce, representatives for Cruise, 49, released a statement saying he was "very sad" and "did not see this coming".

The fact that she issued a solo statement speaks of some heat around the final extinguishing of the marriage.

The pair have not been seen together in public for almost three months - they were last pictured on April 5 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Holmes failed to attend any of the premieres of her husband's latest film Rock of Ages, despite Cruise's constant protestations of love for his wife.

The final arguments seem to have been over where Cruise was going to spend his 50th birthday on Tuesday. He told her he was planning to be on the set of his latest film Oblivion, in Iceland, which was the last straw.

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