Senator Fisher quits amid shoplifting report

Senator Fisher quits amid shoplifting report

Thu June 21, 2012 10:03pm

SOUTH Australian Liberal senator Mary Jo Fisher has quit Parliament after being reported for shoplifting a second time.

Senator Fisher, 49, who faced court on a shoplifting charge last year, announced today she would resign from the Senate on August 10 this year.

Her statement came as South Australian police issued a media release confirming a 49-year-old woman had been reported for stealing from a supermarket at West Lakes, in Adelaide's western suburbs, about 5.30pm (CST) on Saturday, June 16.

"Security staff approached the woman outside the store and allegedly found goods in the woman's personal bags that had not been paid for," South Australian police said.

"Police were then called and the woman reported."

It's understood the woman referred to is Senator Fisher.

She faced court last year charged with shoplifting $93 worth of groceries and assaulting a security guard, but avoided conviction or penalty because of her depression.

Senator Fisher said today she was resigning "on medical advice and after experiencing a further panic attack, similar but less severe than the one which caused such grief 18 months ago".

She said she needed to give her complete attention to recovering from depression.

"It has become undeniable that for me, the road to full recovery from my depressive illness has been hampered by my trying to get better, at the same time as continuing to serve in public office," she said.

She thanked her "long-suffering family, friends and parliamentary colleagues for their support through this persistently tough period" and said it was a privilege to represent South Australians for the past five years.

Senator Fisher became an overnight internet sensation when she danced the Hokey Pokey in the upper house in 2011.

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