Rapped over the knuckles for rant

Rapped over the knuckles for rant

Mon July 30, 2012 2:03am

A THREATENING Facebook rant by a wannabe rapper against his former girlfriend was meant to be a "stream of consciousness" rap.

Daniel James McCoy, 20, from Guildford, in Sydney's west, allegedly called the woman a "cheating slut" and said he would "rip that bitch's throat out and watch her choke".

"U don't wanna sort this out, I'll keep u alive long enough as shark bait just to see u writhe in pain," he allegedly wrote on the social networking site on July 21. He then allegedly wrote: "Dedicated to the cheater n liar herself my ex."

The court heard McCoy, who appeared via video link in Parramatta Bail Court wearing prison greens, didn't think his Facebook post would do any harm because the victim had "de-friended" him.

But magistrate Anthony Marsden didn't agree, likening it to the musings of a mass killer.

McCoy was arrested on Saturday and charged with threatening and intimidating his former partner and breaching bail conditions and an apprehended violence order.

His lawyer Allison Hawkins told the court: "He thought the alleged victim had de-friended him on Facebook. He says the post was written in the style of a rap that he can hear in his head but obviously doesn't translate well to the page."

Ms Hawkins said her client would "keep it to himself" in the future and claimed the post included no direct threats to the alleged victim.

But Mr Marsden said the comments included "extreme threats of violence" and were worrying because they came not long after McCoy had been in court for allegations relating to the same woman.

"One of the problems I see is this: these mass murderers - I'm not suggesting that McCoy is one of those - but so often in those cases it becomes apparent that people have posted things on Facebook, or on other social media, and people say 'why haven't authorities reacted?'."

Mr Marsden refused bail.





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