Murdered on blind date after parole failure

Murdered on blind date after parole failure

Mon November 7, 2011 7:03am

THE family of a young woman strangled by a parolee is still waiting for an apology after a bureaucratic bungle left him at large, free to kill her.

Elsa Corp, 26, a hairdresser, was murdered on her first date with parolee David Patrick Clifford, a man she did not know was a violent serial offender.

Clifford is one of three parole violators charged with murder after Corrections Victoria caseworkers failed to notify the Parole Board of fresh offences that could have led to parole being cancelled.

Corrections Victoria was notified Clifford had been arrested on three separate occasions before February 1 last year, when he killed Ms Corp.

He was on parole for drug trafficking, had already breached parole and a suspended sentence following earlier convictions, and was awaiting sentence over the bashing of a bar owner.

Ms Corp's parents, Andy and Gilly, said yesterday no one had taken responsibility for their daughter's death or apologised.

Mr Corp, a former UK policeman, said the family wrote to Police Minister Peter Ryan and Corrections Minister Andrew McIntosh.

Mr Corp said his family had not known Clifford was on parole until they read a report in the Herald Sun in June this year.

"It's absolutely gutted us, because it was a very bad failure in the system," Mr Corp said.

"For the sake of a bit of training, or procedure or supervision, the system fell over and failed us.

"Our daughter would probably be alive today if there hadn't been these stuff-ups."

Ms Corp was on a blind date arranged by a girlfriend. She was beaten, slashed and strangled in a South Melbourne hotel room.

She is believed to have been lured to the room in the belief other friends would be there.

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