Kristina Keneally angry over Kim Kardashian jibe

Kristina Keneally angry over Kim Kardashian jibe

Sun July 1, 2012 7:10am

FORMER Premier "hurt and distressed" after she was compared to reality star who found fame via a sex tape.

However a tongue-in-cheek column item in a national newspaper recycling a taunt comparing the former premier to reality TV star Kim Kardashian was enough to make her husband come out swinging.

Ben Keneally made an official complaint to the Australian Press Council after The Australian Financial Review's "Rear Window" column by Joe Aston referred to his wife as "reality TV premier Kristina 'Kim Kardashian' Keneally" in March. The jibe was originally made by now Premier Barry O'Farrell in parliament a month earlier when he said: "Government by Kim Kardashian is over."

According to Mr Keneally's complaint, comparing his wife to the reality star who found fame after making a sex tape caused "hurt and distress" to Ms Keneally because of Ms Kardashian's "negative reputation".

The APC disagreed and rejected Mr Keneally's complaint on Thursday. It wasn't the first time Mr O'Farrell's gag had appeared in the paper's column. But according to Mr Keneally's complaint, Mr Aston - who last worked as a Liberal Party staffer five years ago - went too far on the fourth occasion.

He said Mr Aston "had not merely reported Mr O'Farrell's comment, but had endorsed it". He also said the reference was not just hurtful to his wife but "deliberately offensive and hostile to women in politics".

Mr Aston told The Sunday Telegraph his column was "satirical" and pokes fun at politicians from all parties.

"Firstly, in the item where I referred to Ms Keneally as Kim Kardashian, I referred to Liberal Minister Brad Hazzard as a buffoon,' Mr Aston said. "I have also called John Howard 'a rodent' and Tony Abbott 'the Mad Monk'," he said. "Everyone gets a ribbing."

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