iPhone 5 could be with us within weeks - report

iPhone 5 could be with us within weeks - report

Mon July 16, 2012 4:03pm

A "RELIABLE" industry source claims iPhone will be unveiled in three weeks, and leaked video shows it could be bigger.

A "reliable industry source" is claiming the next model will be unveiled on August 7, according to tech blog, KnowYourMobile.com.

And other reports from Asia say the new phone is already in production.

Chinese blog Macotakara cites listings for iPhone 5 cases on China's Alibaba.com and says the back of the phone is made out of both glass and aluminium.

Some Chinese retailers are already accepting pre-orders even though the product release has not been formally announced, the International Business Times reported.

Meanwhile, a recruitment video for Apple was discovered online last week that contained a pretty obvious clue to the iPhone 5.

Employees going on a tour around Apple headquarters are seen pointing at a wall containing pictures of Apple products - one of which looks like an iPhone.

And just in case you weren't sure, a tag appears that reads: "New, bigger iPhone".

Pretty subtle marketing.





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