Girls on the edge as BB gets serious

Girls on the edge as BB gets serious

Mon August 20, 2012 9:05pm

VINTAGE pin-up Charne, law student Estelle and Brit beautician Layla are the first three housemates to face eviction from the Big Brother house for 2012.

All seven women exposed themselves to nomination after losing their "secrets" challenge on Sunday night, failing to match the mystery identities to each of the seven male housemates.

All housemates cast nominations, with Gold Coast cabaret singer Charne scoring 15 votes from the boys and Estelle proving unpopular with the other women.

The latter's Saturday hook-up with himbo Ryan could prove to be her biggest mistake - drawing boos from the studio audience already siding with Brad, who had confessed a crush on her; and the housemates who have already shown their contempt for Ryan and were put out by her instincts she would score votes for "spooning" him.

Under a new five-point voting system, the male housemates had to share their points across two nominees, in any combination (eg four points to one housemate, one to another; or a three-two split).

The voting process has been made more challenging with each housemate forced to tell BB their choices in a new room, complete with a sound-proof booth where they are watched nominating by their peers.

While they can't hear selections, the housemate must instantly face those they nominated on the trip back into the main house.

In previous years, nominations have been done in isolation in the Diary Room.

Host Sonia Kruger, nicknamed Krugs by the contestants, crossed live to the house several times, confirming the $250,000 prize pool.

The vote is now open to the public, with a new twist allowing fans to save their favourites - rather than evict.

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