Drugs available before McCarthy fall

Drugs available before McCarthy fall

Wed September 12, 2012 4:04pm

UPDATE: JOHN McCarthy was drinking and at a nightclub where drugs were freely available before falling to an accidental death.

McCarthy was with 10 other Port players on an end of season trip but became separated from his teammates at a nightclub where the sportsmen were offered drugs.

Port Adelaide CEO Keith Thomas said it was as yet unclear whether McCarthy had been affected by drugs, but players admitted drugs had been widely available. The club had no plans to drug-test the returned players.

"My understanding is that drugs were freely available," he said.

"They were mindful of it, they had been drinking, they were surprised at the stuff that was going on around them."

A teammate phoned McCarthy who promised he was on his way back to their hotel only moments before his fatal plunge.

It had followed a concerned call from McCarthy's girlfriend who phoned one of his mates because the footballer had called her to say he was on his own.

Speaking this afternoon, Mr Thomas was able to paint a clearer picture of the circumstances surrounding the 22-year-old's death and his final phone call to his partner Danielle Smarrelli.

"She said the call went okay. It was a 'missing you' sort of phone call but it is a private matter between them," he said.

"The overall sense of it was that he was okay. She was however concerned enough, because he was on his own, to make contact with one of the other players ... just to try and get him back with the group. That player contacted John who suggested he was on his way back to the hotel.

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