'Anything WikiLeaks did Anonymous can do better'

'Anything WikiLeaks did Anonymous can do better'

Mon July 16, 2012 4:03pm

HACKER group sets up their own WikiLeaks style website, except this one will get people to care, group claims.

So convinced are they of this that members have decided to set up their own data dump website committed to political transparency.

The site is called Par:AnoIA, which stands for "Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agencies".

It aims to pick up where WikiLeaks apparently let the hackers down, by finding a better way to present large amounts of data that is appealing and easy for users to read.

"The reason no one cares about these leaks, as a general rule of thumb, is that they can’t do anything with [them],” a Paranoia volunteer told Wired.

“Basically, [we're] making it accessible to anyone that wants to do something with it, in a proper usable format.”

The volunteer said the purpose of the site was to get information out faster than the rollout WikiLeaks plans, which could take years.

"I'm pretty sick of these 20-year-plans," the volunteer said.

The site will accept submissions from Anonymous members and then design and present the content.

WikiLeaks has reacted on Twitter by accusing Anonymous of using insecure proxy servers, meaning user identities could be revealed.

It also hinted that the Anonymous Twitter account was being directed by law enforcement.

Anonymous responded with a stinging reply not suitable for a family friendly website.

Meanwhile, the former head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is still trying to negotiate political asylum in Ecuador. The country's ambassador expressed concerns last month that granting his request could damage Equador’s relationship with the US.





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