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Outrage at woman's bar snub

Outrage at woman's bar snub

Thu July 12, 2012 6:00pm

A PRAHRAN bar and restaurant has been accused of refusing entry to a woman holding her girlfriend's hand and told to go home and 'put on a dress'.

The damaging claims about the bar Hoo Haa were made on its food review website Urbanspoon and Facebook page after the alleged incident on Saturday night.

“Recently denied entry to a well dressed and sober individual as she was holding her girlfriend's hand because she was a lesbian, and told her to go home and 'put on a dress' and other such things,” Urbanspoon poster Alysse Kate Gray wrote.

“This was witnessed by a few people, and we are all spreading the word until a formal apology is publicly made.”

Another poster 'Vivicka Victrola’ also recalled the incident.

“A good friend of mine was told to "go home and put a dress on then maybe i will let you in" by security and told to come back on a "more liberal Wednesday night" by management,” they wrote.

“Whether you're gay, straight, or otherwise, these people don't deserve your money.”

Hoo Haa has shut down the ability to post on its Facebook page amid what it claims is a “defamatory campaign taking place against our venue” in an official statement posted this afternoon.

It also said in the statement that it didn’t take feedback lightly, but complainant ‘Natasha Greenhill' was unavowed in her online response.

“In regards to your comment in relation to the handling of this situation, I would like it noted that I DID bring my concerns to the attention of the venue management, but this was ignored.

“I would like it investigated as to why my complaint in regards to the conduct of your security staff was never addressed & followed up on the evening by the on duty manager, but instead accepted & supported,” she wrote.

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