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Red light warning to shut Kyle up

Red light warning to shut Kyle up

Wed March 7, 2012 7:21am

KYLE: You're in the danger zone. A blinking red light is the latest measure introduced by Southern Cross Austereo in their efforts to minimise any Kyle Sandilands-generated scandals after a "dump switch" introduced in July 2009, failed to be triggered during his attack on a female journalist last year.

It is understood chief content adviser on the Kyle And Jackie O Show, Vanda Leigh, controls the light which tells Sandilands when he is approaching "dangerous territory" and indicates the subject matter should change.

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Ms Leigh neglected to use the switch, which utilises the network's 10-second delay and cuts off inappropriate language, as Sandilands railed against journalist Alison Stephenson after her critical review of his failed TV pilot.

Calling Stephenson a "fat slag" and threatening to hunt her down, Sandilands later faced an enormous backlash with listeners calling for boycotts and advertisers leaving the network in droves.

He was later forced to apologise but it is understood questions were asked at Southern Cross Austereo as to why the segment was not cut short.

The switch was introduced after a teenage rape victim was given a lie-detector test on July 29, 2009. It has been used on a number of occasions.

"The idea is to allow Kyle to be edgy to a point but pull the break when necessary," a radio insider said.

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