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Calls for sacking after GoPrint probe

Calls for sacking after GoPrint probe

Wed July 11, 2012 12:00am

PUBLIC Works Minister Bruce Flegg should be sacked for sending in a LNP heavyweight to secretly review the books of a government business, the State Opposition says.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk this afternoon labelled the move "unethical and immoral" and said it "could possibly sow the seeds of corruption".

She said Dr Flegg's decision to ask LNP treasurer Barry O'Sullivan to audit government publisher GoPrint lacked integrity and accountability.

Such an audit should have been conducted by an accounting firm, she said.

Ms Palaszczuk said asking an LNP operative to prepare a report to Cabinet was also "unheard of and unbelievable".

She demanded Premier Campbell Newman immediately make Mr O'Sullivan's report public.

LNP president Bruce McIver should also dismiss Mr O'Sullivan, she said.

Earlier,  The Courier-Mail revealed the LNP treasurer was recently given a lengthy meeting with GoPrint boss Scott Albury despite having no formal position in the Newman Government.

The troubled organisation was so nervous about Mr O'Sullivan's visit that workers were told to slow down in the days before so the factory floor was busy in case the LNP treasurer wanted a tour.

The decision by Public Works Minister Bruce Flegg to send in a party official to review the books of a government business unit has been branded "totally inappropriate" by the Opposition.

Mr O'Sullivan came to prominence last year when The Courier-Mail revealed a recording of him grilling an LNP candidate during an expletive-laden two-hour tirade.

Sources said GoPrint employees were also ordered to take down a union flag before Mr O'Sullivan arrived.

The unofficial review of the 150-year-old business indicates the Newman Government is considering an assets firesale, recommended in the interim Commission of Audit into the state's finances.

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