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Dahabshiil denies Anonymous behind attack

Dahabshiil denies Anonymous behind attack

Fri July 20, 2012 9:13pm

UPDATE: Anonymous has reiterated that they were responsible for the cyber attacks on the Dahabshiil bank in the Middle East.

The hackers accused the bank of funding terrorism and said it had two months to publicly confess or expect "global internet destruction".

Dahabshiil on Sunday said that it had proof Anonymous was not behind the attack on its banking systems, saying the claims were "inaccurate and exaggerated."

Anonymous told News.com.au this was nonsense and that Dahabshiil was trying to protect their business “but going the wrong way about it”.

"Dahabshiil can deny all they like, but in fact the attack was to be expected," Anonymous told News.com.au in an online chat.

A group claiming to be Anonymous published thousands of account numbers, names and details online and threatened it would commit "global internet destruction" if Dahabshiil did not publicly confess to aiding terrorism.

The hackers claimed it had installed "cyber bombs" within financial institutions around the world and threatened to trigger them if the Dahabshiil did not confess within two months.

Dahabshiil said it was not yet in a position to verify the identity of the individuals behind the hack.

"Naturally we will keep all customers fully updated," a spokesperson for Dahabshiil said.

"Safeguarding our customers is of paramount importance to Dahabshiil and we will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that we identify those responsible.

Dahabshiil said that it "places the highest importance on its compliance procedures and has policies in place which are approved by the relevant authorities, including the FSA in the UK".

The hackers claiming responsibility for the attack posted documents on Google Plus highlighting associations with other banking networks including Barclay's in the UK and Ernst & Young in the US.

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