Mr Notahero and his sidekick Ninja - here to watch, not protect

Mr Notahero and his sidekick Ninja - here to watch, not protect

Fri June 15, 2012 4:13pm

HE might resemble a comic book character and he even has a ninja for an accomplice, but this roller-skating crusader patrolling Sydney's streets is no superhero.

Mr Notahero, as he calls himself, skates around the city decked out in stuntman equipment with a portable camera attached to his helmet, taping his most thrilling experiences and uploading them on to YouTube, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Those experiences are mostly playful interactions with people on nights out, but they also include falling down a staircase on The Star's opening night, copping a 'double-punch' to the chest from two partygoers and being arrested for climbing a building.

"I got all these stunt pads to do some stunts, (but) I never ended up doing any stunts with them until I just put them all on one day and I thought I kind of looked a little bit like a hero,'' Mr Notahero said.

"But I didn't want to be a hero,'' he said. "I didn't want the responsibility and I don't have any super powers.''

"I was thinking about other names, but I was like, Mr Notahero...done!

"It's as if being in costume and having a camera gives you some sort of authority.''

Mr Notahero's faithful accomplice is known only as Ninja, but he doesn't like the sidekick tag.

"I'm sure I look like a sidekick,'' he said. "But he is not a hero, so he actually doesn't have a sidekick.''

And then right in the middle of Mr Notahero skating in a figure-eight formation his ears prick as he hears the screams of a distressed woman and the threats of a bunch of hoodlums.

There's no jump into a phone booth or bat signal in the sky, Mr Notahero's wheels are already in motion.

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