Apple investigates Aussie shop over sex pics

Apple investigates Aussie shop over sex pics

Sun June 17, 2012 4:13pm

GLOBAL technology company Apple is investigating a Sydney computer repair shop that stole images of a prominent Australian Olympian having sex with his wife.

Apple spokeswoman Fiona Martin said the company was looking at the matter after The Sunday Telegraph revealed last week that the inner-city store - an accredited and official Apple reseller - copied private pictures of the household-name star and his wife in numerous sexual acts.

He had taken the computer to the shop to be repaired.

Ms Martin also called on any customers who feared their privacy had been compromised at an Apple store to contact the company immediately. However, she would not guarantee Apple would take steps to protect its customers, or that it would withdraw the store's licence.

The Olympian is among a number of celebrities - as well as members of the general public - caught out. Shop staff scan machines for intimate material under the encouragement of the store's owner and upload sensitive photos and videos to a shared drive.

While The Sunday Telegraph has seen the images, it has chosen not to name the Olympian or publish the photos.

The store owner denied targeting sexual images but said: "If people choose to put photos and personal information on their computers that's their decision."

The shop staff are not committing a criminal act. The Sunday Telegraph has learned the Government has been aware of the legal loophole for years.

But Attorney-General Nicola Roxon's office said: "Any investigations are a matter for the relevant police force, in this case NSW Police."





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