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Dog-fight over Pomeranian Sammy's site

Dog-fight over Pomeranian Sammy's site

Thu July 5, 2012 9:49pm

But it seemed only Sammy had a smile on his face after Mr Smith claimed that his ex muzzled the joint venture in April by listing herself as sole owner in efforts to trademark the business's name and register the website.

By then the pair had already split but according to Mr Smith they had still been working on the project together, with Ms Camara taking the photographs.

Mr Smith spent a brief stint in a jail cell after getting into a scuffle over his ex's mobile phone, in an attempt that he claims was to get back the site's passwords.

The Upper East Sider has since launched EverybodyLovesSammy.com, which is still under construction, and is asking for donations to grow the website.

He recently tweeted: "Friends regarding Conflict with Sammy, Pls no bashing or hatred toward other individual. Not what my sister and i want (sic)."

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