Ump blasts 10-year ban on teen player

Ump blasts 10-year ban on teen player

Wed August 8, 2012 12:30pm

A JUNIOR football umpire has blasted the 10-year suspension handed to a player who allegedly attacked him on-field during a Mt Eliza game on Sunday.

The player, believed to be 16, was found guilty of kneeing and punching a 22-year-old umpire in the Frankston and District Junior Football League under-16 game against Mt Eliza at Madsen Reserve on Sunday.

The league refused to name the player.

After the two-hour hearing – held at a secret location to avoid media attention – the umpire, Scott Tansley, told the Mornington Peninsula Leader the 10-year penalty was inadequate and should have been a lifetime ban.

"It’s disappointing and I’m very unhappy. (It’s) very light," Scott said.

"He can come back and play when he’s 26 years old, which is the prime of a footballer’s career.

"The option is not taken away from him."

Mr Tansley said he suffered a blood nose after being attacked by the player after penalising him for abusive language.

He said he had paid two 50m penalties before the attack.

"Next thing I knew was this kid threw the ball into my head from about a metre away. I said, 'Righto a Mt Eliza free kick', and then he lost the plot," he said.

"Another Chelsea player joined in. I tried to calm them down but they wouldn’t. So I said, 'OK, you are both sent off, yellow card'.

"But this kid just lost control of his actions and I’ve never seen anyone in society or on any sporting field … just the hate towards something, that’s what it was. That’s what it was, hatred.

"Then I’ve given him a red card and as I was about to pull out the red card from my sock, he’s grabbed my head with two hands and kneed me with as much force as he could to the face and then went on to lay multiple punches.

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