Flaming tribute to fallen of the sea

Sat July 21, 2012 2:27am

THE old mantra of pillage and plunder may be outdated, but the Nordic viking spirit lives on.

The 25th annual Viking Funeral gets underway at Dinah Beach Yacht Club today with more 400 guests expected. Event co-ordinator John Roodenrys said the funeral was held in honour of fallen men and women of the sea. An effigy of a viking, representing the lost sailors, will be carried by pall bearers to a funeral pyre accompanied by the sound of the bagpipes. The floating pyre then is put to sea before Darwin Top End Bowhunters archers shoot flaming arrows to set it alight. Mr Roodenrys hoped the right mix of fuel and diesel was used. THIS article appears in full in the print edition of the NT NewsNever miss out on what’s happening in the Territory... for home delivery call 08 8944 9901

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