Drink-drivers face blitz

Fri August 31, 2012 3:01pm

POLICE are angry after arresting nine drink-drivers in the Top End overnight.

Senior Sergeant Garry Smith said: "We're outraged that people are continuing to drink and drive." He said a traffic blitz would be mounted in Darwin and Palmerston tonight. CCTV cameras again proved their worth when operators alerted police to a motorist driving erratically. He returned a blood-alcohol reading of .134.Just yesterday police gave drunken idiots a fair warning that Darwin city will be locked down as they wage war on people who get behind the wheel intoxicated later today.The NT News has reported on more than 140 drink-drivers in the past year.But there are swags more that never made the press.The police have voiced anger at the number of Territorians who still get behind the wheel over the limit despite graphic road safety campaigns. They said most people knew someone who had been killed or hurt in a road crash.Senior Sergeant Kerry James said it was a shame the drink-driver blitz was still needed to "educate" people."Police will be out in force conducting random breath tests," he said."The police presence across the city should serve as a warning to offending motorists that they will be caught."We hope by educating the public on road safety we can reduce the number of injuries and deaths."We will continue these operations to remove impaired drivers." The operation will begin from 3pm.The last reported drink-driver was a 21-year-old man who was allegedly doing "donuts" in a park on Duke St, Stuart Park, at the weekend. He smashed into wooden bollards while trying to get away from police.Police said he blew .183.





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