Hypothermic deer hunter found

Hypothermic deer hunter found

Sat August 4, 2012 1:30pm

A MISSING deer hunter has been found after spending the night in freezing conditions in the state's north-east.

Jindera man Matthew Hancock walked into the Koetong Pub about 10.30am after spending the night in zero degree temperatures in the Shelly Forest near Corryong.

The experienced bushman, 34, was last seen by fellow hunters at 4pm yesterday, but he didn’t return to camp as planned and emergency services were alerted.

The man is believed to be suffering from hypothermia, and a paramedics crew from Beechworth is on its way to pub to treat the man.

The man spent the night in the bush, stuffing grass and foliage between his t-shirt and jumper to stay warm overnight.

Beechworth paramedics treated the man at the hotel for dehydration, and then left him in the care of his family.

Victoria Police, SES and the police airwing resumed its search at first light this morning, after the initial grid search was called off at 2am.

Sen-Constable John Morrison, from Victoria Police Search and Rescue, said Mr Hancock had spent the night in the bush and had made his way to a major road out of the forest this morning.

"He’s safe and well and has been reunited with his girlfriend,’’ Sen-Constable Hancock said.

"He’s made good use of his devices overnight and then made it out to the main road, and then he’s followed that around to reach the pub here.

"He’s a non-drinker though, so we couldn’t give him a beer.’’





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