Bashed backpacker shows positive sign

Bashed backpacker shows positive sign

Fri August 31, 2012 3:53pm

ONE of the two Irish backpackers allegedly brutally bashed in a shocking incident is showing signs of recovery.

David Greene and David Byas, from Dublin, were allegedly attacked at a hostel in St Kilda East last weekend by a man who had allegedly armed himself with a hammer.

Mr Byas, 28, remains in a coma but has reportedly reacted positively to stimuli testing at The Alfred hospital.

His brother, Karl, told Irish newspaper The Herald that Mr Byas reacted when prodded by doctors.

"They say it is positive news but it is early days yet. Things still aren't good but we will take any good news we can," he said.

Mr Byas was with Mr Greene when the incident occurred.

The paper reports that the pair had come to the aid of a distressed woman at a party from an unwanted advance.

Both of the backpackers' parents arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday night and yesterday remained at a bedside vigil.

"The news that the doctors are giving is a move in the right direction but there is still a long way to go and we don't fully know what lies ahead," Karl told The Herald.

Karl said that his brother, the second youngest of five boys, emigrated to Australia after losing his job as an electrician in Ireland.

"He's been getting on fine over there and sends us back photographs," he said.

Mr Greene's parents, Aidan and Catherine, and David Byas' parents Fran and Philomena, left Dublin on Sunday, and through the Embassy of Ireland released a public statement last night.

"Following an incident in Melbourne on 26 August two Irish men, David Greene and David Byas, remain in a serious condition in the Prince Alfred Hospital in Melbourne," it said.

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