Another bloody night in Sydney's city

Another bloody night in Sydney's city

Wed August 8, 2012 12:21pm

BLOODIED and bruised this shirtless man hurls a traffic cone during a drunken street brawl that criss-crossed over an inner city road last night.

The two men began throwing their fists at each other on George St, Sydney while a woman darted between them both about 2.40am.

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The female, believed to be the shirtless man's partner, managed to get between the two brawlers and actually jumped into the air to throw a punch of her own.

She struck the man wearing a brown leather jacket in the neck.

The fight then rolled onto the other side of George St where the shirtless man grabbed a cone from a roadwork site and launched it at the other man, but he managed to parry it away.

With both offenders bleeding from their faces the fight returned to the other side of the street narrowly missing passing taxis and continued even when police cars pull up next to them.

Both brawlers were arrested and taken to City Central police station where they are expected to be charged with offensive behaviour.

Police said the men were intoxicated at the time of the incident and suffered lacerations to their faces.

The female was not arrested.





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