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The cars that ate Sydney

The cars that ate Sydney

Thu July 5, 2012 12:00am

SYDNEY City Council could be losing its fight against cars.

Despite car-share schemes, bike paths and new buildings with fewer parking spaces, the number of cars in the city rose 18.9 per cent in five years.

The 2011 Census showed 54,709 cars garaged or parked in Sydney local government area -- up more than 10,000 from 44,661 in 2006.

The council has spent millions turning carparks over to car-share schemes, bike paths and capping the number of parking spaces in unit blocks to reduce congestion.

But the figures reveal the average number of cars per dwelling in Sydney remained unchanged in the past five years at 0.74 per cent.

The number of Sydney City dwellings with two cars increased from 7361 to 8705 -- 11 per cent of city addresses -- while another 1106 addresses had three cars.

A council spokesman said car ownership per household in the City of Sydney was half that of Greater Sydney.

"While car ownership in the city has grown, that has been outstripped by population growth, meaning more people without cars are moving to the city than people who have cars," he said.

"The number of dwellings in the city has risen by 23 per cent between 2006 and 2011, but growth in car ownership over the same period is 20 per cent -- this actually amounts to a fall in cars per dwelling of about 2 per cent, in contrast to the greater Sydney area where the number of cars per dwelling rose by 3 per cent."

The Census showed NSW had the largest share of the nation's fleet with 4.8 million vehicles.

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