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Cadel shocked by Tour sabotage

Cadel shocked by Tour sabotage

Mon July 16, 2012 3:56pm

CADEL Evans is bewildered by the Tour de France sabotage that caused up to 30 riders to puncture after tacks were thrown onto the road.

Evans punctured three times on the final descent into Foix as stage 14 was thrown into chaos.

"You're in a bike race and people can see something they can gain, whether it's a protest or something they can gain from you as someone who's reasonably well-known," the defending champion said.

"I'm used to people - the 'me,me' generation, it's sometimes referred to - that's the way it goes.

"Hopefully ... karma comes around."

Evans said he could not see the tacks because of the speed of the descent off 1375m peak of Mur de Peguere.

"At 70km, you can't see tacks on the road," he said, referring to his second and third punctures.

"But my main thing was it happened to me three times and at crucial moments.

"I'm yet to see what happened to the group in front.

"This has happened to me before - two times in Spain.

"For that reason, I don't race in Spain very often and sorry to the good Spanish people and my Spanish friends and so on.

"There are a few people in their country who take things too far, it's cost me a Vuelta (Tour of Spain), it's cost me other races."

It is understood Evans was alluding to the fact that Spanish stage winner Leon-Luis Sanchez had already ridden through the area before the tacks were strewn on the road.

The Pyrenees stages are a mecca for Spanish spectators, who travel only short distances to make the border crossing.

Evans praised his team-mates for helping him finish 16th on the stage.

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