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Fans bares all but to no avail

Fans bares all but to no avail

Tue June 26, 2012 4:34pm

ONE fan showed he was willing to do almost anything to see his team advance in Euro 2012, pulling out ... well, all stops, during England's thrilling penalty shootout against Italy.

Knowing his side was on the ropes and in need of an Italian miss to keep their European Championship hopes alive, the middle-aged male joined the hoard of English supporters behind the goals at which the penalties were being taken.

With Italy in front in the count and midfielder Alessandro Diamanti stepping up to the spot with the chance to seal victory, the noise reached fever-pitch.

However the fan thought a visual distraction might work better than any sound.

Dressed in a red and white wig and with bright green shirt and shorts, he opted to go one step further - dropping his dacks in the hope the Italian might spot him while lining up the target.

His buddy, standing on his right, also appeared to be preparing to pull down his pants when Diamanti coolly stepped up to the mark and carressed the ball past English keeper Joe Hart.

The final result? Italy wins 4-2 on penalties, and the hunt is on to find the mystery English fan who has so much national pride he's willing to bare all for the sake of seeing his team advance.





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