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Gone  in seven seconds

Gone in seven seconds

Sun July 1, 2012 7:53am

This match had all the signs of a massacre, right from the start.

WEST COAST 8.3 11.5 17.11 25.16 (166) GOLD COAST 2.3 4.8 5.9 5.10 (40)
GOALS West Coast: Lynch 4, Darling 3, Shuey 3, Hams 2, Cox 2, Hill 2, Newman 2, Naitanui 2, Gaff, Kerr, McGinnity, Hurn, Selwood. Gold Coast: Dixon, Ablett, Bennell, Patrick, Shaw.
BEST West Coast: Shuey, Gaff, Naitanui, Masten, Cox. Gold Coast: Bennell, Stanley, Ablett.
CROWD 34,592, at Patersons Stadium.

THIS had all the signs of a massacre, from the start. The umpire bounced the ball, Nic Naitanui jumped over Zac Smith and executed what was more work of art than ruck knock, straight from his palm into the hands of Scott Selwood.

Selwood took one bounce, ran his full measure, kicked low, straight and hard at full forward and Dean Cox outpointed Steven May to take a contested mark.

Seven seconds gone and the Eagles had their first shot at goal.

Two minutes in they had their second - Ashton Hams able to stroll past two Suns defenders into an open goal mouth.

Gary Ablett didn't win the Suns' first official possession until the four-minute mark of the opening term. And he had to kick hurriedly from deep in defence - turning the ball over to Andrew Gaff who marked and kicked West Coast's third goal.

Four minutes gone, three goals on the board, Gold Coast team possession count: one.

West Coast's 10th win of the season, its 17th in a row at Patersons Stadium and Gold Coast's 20th loss on the trot, started and finished as a massacre. In between there was a lull for a quarter and a half to stop the eventual scoreline: 25.16 (166) to 5.10 (40) being even more one-sided than it was.

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