FEV REVEALED: 'I felt like giving up on life'

FEV REVEALED: 'I felt like giving up on life'

Sun June 17, 2012 4:15pm

I said, “Just put me on it’’.

My room was small, with a bed in the middle and a little table beside it. It was nice enough, like a room in a private hospital.

There was no television, but thankfully I had my iPhone to keep me company. I sat on the bed and posted a message on Twitter: “Goodbye 2010 thank god! Bring on 2011 lions will roar again.’’

Despite all that had happened, I believed Vossy and the Lions would stick by me. They needed “The Fevolution’’ in the goal square if they were going to be any good that year. However, it soon became clear that the Lions were hedging their bets.

As the football world went into meltdown over my latest indiscretion, with media commentators lining up to deliver my footballing eulogy, I lay on my bed and chatted to some nice nurses as they laid out a series of tablets on the table. I washed them down with a glass of water and they had an almost instant effect.

I became woozy. Playing footy at the MCG, as thousands of people roared their approval, now seemed like a dream.

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