Crisis: Is Ten's breakfast toast?

Crisis: Is Ten's breakfast toast?

Mon July 30, 2012 6:15am

THERE could be a change on the Breakfast menu at Channel Ten.

The future of the embattled early morning Breakfast show is looking bleak with a staff crisis meeting called for this morning.

All staff on the poorly rating show have been called to an urgent meeting at Ten Headquarters at Pyrmont at 10:00am this morning to discuss the show's performance.

An email was sent to staff members at 7pm last night advising them to attend the emergency meeting.

The future of the program appears to be in doubt following a lukewarm response from viewers and a series of disastrous ratings and production problems.

The new Breakfast show premiered to 51,000 viewers in February and quickly fell away.

While the network splashed out millions of dollars establishing and then revamping the morning show it appears viewers have not warmed to controversial host New Zealand Paul Henry.

Ratings average around the 40,000 mark, and have plunged as low as 24,000 on some mornings.

At one stage it suffered the ignominy of recording zero viewers in Melbourne for a 15 minute segment of the show.

With Seven's Sunrise program reaching over 400,000 on average, and Nine's Today show consistently in the high 300,000's Breakfast has languished in the doldrums and has failed to make any impact on the morning scene.

The show has been rocked with resignations and unrest since its conception.

Some staff members are believed to have been seeking to abandon ship and switch to other programs such as Ten Late News.

Behind-the-scenes friction on the set between Paul Henry and co-host Andrew Rochford. is believed to have led to the exit of Rochford.

Producer Majella Weimers also left the show.

Channel Ten did not return calls last night.

The Daily Telegraph spoke with Mr Henry this morning out the front of his Balmain home.

When asked if a meeting was scheduled to discuss the future of Breakfast he said, "Not that I'm aware of".

Mr Henry was more interested in making sure he wasn't late for work and if the Anzac Bridge was open.





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