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The funniest night of George's life

The funniest night of George's life

Tue June 26, 2012 2:47pm

A night of euphemism, trout torture and smoking elimination.

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The MasterChef Kitchen, where the chefs who would be masters of the kitchens of the future come to impress future employers in hatted and starred restaurants world over by making ... errr ... dude food.

Three of our wannabes, Andrew, Amina and Sam were bad at dude food last night and for reasons best articulated in highly-alcoholic or marketing-speak-heavy terms, that is cause for punishment when it comes to a competition of quality cooking.

Sam isn’t ready to go home he says. Andrew isn’t surprised to find himself in the elimination he says, most probably because he was told he would be last night and having woken to discover MasterChef wasn’t a bad dream (haven’t we all felt that way before) he rationalised that the events of yesterday probably did occur.

Amina tells us that today will probably be an experience, continuing her existential approach to life: the experience. Very zen. Very practical. Very hard to manipulate into an emotional rant through editing.

Moments later people are screaming in agony in the MasterChef kitchen. It is the other contestants who are being forced to watch MasterChef (and haven’t we all felt THAT way before) from above despite earning the day off, releasing their frustrations as the three eliminees enter, prepared to do battle to the death / disappointment.

Gary asks Amina what she is holding. The items are some photos and a wooden spoon, items you would hope Gary might be able to identify what with being a celebrity chef. Celebrity: One whose photos are often taken. Chef: One who receives the wooden spoon in the ratings most nights.

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