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Sage Stallone's death still a mystery

Sage Stallone's death still a mystery

Mon July 16, 2012 2:45pm

What may have led a man who apparently had it all, to die so young?

Sage Moonblood Stallone's story is one with which we have sadly become all too familiar: son of a Hollywood superstar, possible drug use and in this case, an untimely death.

The 36-year-old was found dead on Friday at his home in Hollywood, with rumours circulating of possible suicide or a drug overdose "accident". He may have been dead for as long as a week before allegedly being found by his housekeeper. Depression and prescription drugs have been mooted. There were no signs of foul play or trauma, or a suicide note, confirms Ed Winter of the LA Coroner's office.

An autopsy has been completed on Rambo-star Sylvester Stallone's son and the slow wait for toxicology reports has begun - a full analysis is expected to take two months. Now all eyes, and rumour mills, turn to the Studio City-based actor's private life and what may have led a man who apparently had it all, to die so young.

It is a sad picture of Hollywood's darker side that one of the photographs circulating since the death is that of the coroner's van carrying Sage's body as it passes an open-topped tourist bus, its passengers holding cameras aloft. With conflicting stories abounding, those unwitting tourists are likely to know as much as even some "inside sources". 

The actor, who had 13 movie credits to his name, is said to have been "out of it" and living in a state of semi-squalor in the months before his death.

According to TMZ, a May photoshoot at Sage's home was a fraught affair, with Robert Rhine, editor-in-chief of Girls and Corpses magazine, a comedy horror publication, alleging that Sage was "on something".

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